Global Fatbike Day 2020 courses

Virtual Global Fat Bike Week – Saskatoon 2020

Course and Badge information: Earn badges by completing routes toward Certification as Saskie Fatbike Enthusiast. You do not have to follow the exact courses prescribed – nor do you need to do it in a single ride. Post your strava or gps tracks, a selfie, a picture from the course, or just drop a note to the event page to obtain acknowledgement of your accomplishments (2) Virtual Global Fat Bike Week 2020 – Saskatoon | Facebook. Earn an extra recognition merit on your badges if you are in a position to make a donation to a trail group/associate that is the showcase of the course.

We want to know where you are riding and see the smiles you’re riding with. Undertake this as a solo challenge or to your small ride bubble and respect covid social distance (now 3m for cycling) and safety protocols. We want folks to see lots of fat bikes out but not groups of lots of fatbikes… Let the fat tires roll!!!!

If you are not a current member of the Saskachewan Cycling Association (SCA) then you need to sign a waiver to participate – Follow this link to register:

1. “The MVA” .

A 17.5km that starts in rotary park (start where you want but the course map has to start somewhere :-). Follow Sask Crescent South to the rejoin the MVA trail at Gabe Dumont park and continue to Circle Drive South. Cross the pedestrian bridge and head back north on the recently closed Spadina Crescent (soon to become an official MVA primary recreational trail). Travel along the riverbank through Victoria Park, Riverlanding, past the iconic castle (drop down and pick up Bess-Way single track if looking for a narrower trail). Continue under College drive past the Shakespeare on Saskatchewan Site / Wonderhub. Just before Queen Street you can either remain on the MVA paved trail or drop down and pick up some green rated single track along the river which will pop you out at the weir. Pass under the train bridge and once again a choice of staying on the MVA trail or dropping down into some green rated single track (Rinkside) to reach Circle Drive North Pedway. Cross over and return southbound past Innovation Place and the University. Some very technical single track between the MVA and the river on the East bank for those looking for a challenging Blue rated trail – this is would be for the very skilled experienced riders only. Again passing under college drive you can pick up the woodchip trail and continue along the riverbank back to Rotary Park.

Course Map:

MVA Trail donations:

Current Condition: Good

2.The Great Trail of Canada” – 17km out and back from the Great Trail of Canada Trailhead pavillion in Gabe Dumont park to Chief Whitecap statue. The first part of this course follows the same route as the MVA (or drop down to pick up MeAndHer single track next to the river). Once you reach Circle Drive continue South on the GTC to cartwright road – single track enthusiasts will want to drop down and ride the ribbons of the oldest singlet track in Saskatoon on G1 and G2. There is a steep climb out of a coulee just prior to reach the road crossing at Cartwright Rd. The GTC trail has not be plowed past the start of G2 so there could be a 500m push a bike section for some). We are homing to groom this portion on Saturday afternoon. At cartwright the GTC crosses over but is currently buried in 3ft of snow. Again we will work toward grooming the trail but if doing the course this weekend you will probably have to ride Sask Crescent to Chief Whitecap park. Be sure to wear hi vis outer wear and have tail lights blinking. Once at the Park you can follow the main GTC route (first part around the dog park also is in rough condition and we will attempt to improve it late saturday aftn). There are lots of really good green level single track trails down on the lower river bank through Chief Whitecap but take caution when descending and ascending the river valley slopes. If going mid-day expect to encounter lots of dog walkers – try to do this one at off peak times and maybe save for next weekend when we have had a chance to improve the trail conditions. Also a really fun night ride. Take a selfie at the Chief Whitecap Statue and then retrace our path back to town. This is the traditional Saskatoon Global Fatbike day Route.


Great Trail of Canada Donations:

Current Conditions: Mostly good with very rough section from G2 to Cartwright Rd, trail buried in snow from Cartwright crossing to Furdale dog park – riding on road required unless we can get the trail rideable for later in the week, rough section around outside of Dog park.  Upper and lower trails hardpacked and good condition. Riverbank up-downs are getting slippery.

3. “St Barbe Winter Trail Network” – this has been home-base for the Fatlanders Fat Tire Brigade since 2016 and features 18km of machine groomed mostly easy riding winter fatbike trails.  Riding groomed trails requires a little bit more care and attention to tire pressure – if you have too much pressure you will crush through the trail surface and cause the surface to rapidly degrade. Reduce your pressure to ~5psi or less if riding trails in this area.  There are two routes mapped in Trailforks that we typically ride for the Wintershines Fondo – the Purple Route (12km) is more challenging with tight twisty route and the Orange Route (10km) is wider easier trail riding.  Best time to ride is on Sunday as trails are re-groomed on Saturday evenings (please don’t ride Saturday evenings on recently groomed trails – they require time to firm up).  Trails are quite busy on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Another great place to take in a night ride.


St Barbe Winter Trail Network Donations:

Conditions:  Hardpacked and fast.  Will regroomed Saturday evenings

4. “Chief Mistawasis Loop” – a 17km loop from Circle Drive North Bridge. Follow the MVA/GTC North along the West riverbank to the North MVA Shelter in Meewasin Park – you are welcome to continue on the MVA but if single track is your thing then follow the mapped course to drop down and pick some of the best all skill level winter Fatbike single track in the City – Slytherin and Ridge Roller or Riverbender up to the old Factoria/Silverwood where you will rejoin the MVA/GTC.  You can either follow the paved trail around to Wanuskewan Dr and around to Chief Mistawsis Bridge or grab some more single track and short cut to the bridge.  Cross over and follow the paved trail to link up with Central Ave (or old central ave but beware there is a snow dump site on old central so a lot of truck traffic).  Follow Central Ave MVA trail to Crocus Prairie and pickup the crusher dust trail back to Sutherland beach – or drop down a bit earlier and pickup some of the best technical single track in the city (Corkscrew, Ravine, Stove, and Low Roller) – this is challenging track – especially in the winter.  There is an an easier track alternative along the upper bank (Upper Petterson’s Ravine).  Make your away around the dog park either via the Dog Park Bypass or lower trails with Dog Leg to return to Circle Drive bridge.  Some really great single track riding on this loop on trails maintained by the Saskatoon Trail Alliance (trails also mapped in Trailforks app if wanting to follow the single track closer)


Saskatoon Trail Alliance Donations:

Conditions:  Mostly good

5. “The Night Ride”.  Any route you want but done at night.  Night riding is a hoot.  You will want a 500lumen light and ideally a headlamp as well for backup or if you need make some repairs.  Be sure to inform someone of your route or ride with a pal (socially distanced of course)

6. “Wildcard”.  Ride whatever route you want and drop a note, pics, map – whatever you want to share  – showcase your favorite ride anywhere in the province.   Make a donation to whoever maintains those trails to obtain your extra Karm booster recognition.

7. “Buffalo Pound Winter Fat Bike Trails”.   Follow the groomed winter trail network for 1o km to capture this badge. Some trail suggestions Beaver Loop, Heaven, Boat Launch, Maverick and more.  Great scene taking shape in Buffalo Pound with the park now doing mechanical trail grooming.  Also the ability to winter camp in the Lower Chalet if wanting to amp up your adventure.  Otherwise this can be done as a day trip from MJ, Regina or Saskatoon. If others in your bubble that don’t bike it is a great spot for cookouts, snowshoeing, tobaggan, skiing, hiking.

Maps: Ride 10km of Buffalo Pound groomed trail network

Moose Jaw Pavers Donation:

Conditions:  unknown

8. “Little Red Winter Fat Bike Trails”.   Do a trail ride at Little Red Park on the mechanically and snowshoe groomed Fatbike trails.  They have an extensive trail network with a lot of variety from easy going wider to trails to tight technical trails.


Rock n Road Donation:

Conditions:  Good

9. “The Narrows Road”.   Do a trail ride on the scenic Narrows Road in Prince Albert National Park.   There is light traffic on this road and is designated as fat bike route.  It is not groomed trail riding but the road is kept clear.  It is a 50km ride from town to the Narrows or a 35km from the junction to 263.  Ride can be shortened to as much as you want.

Conditions: Good