Joining the Fatlanders FatTire Brigade and the Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) can be done at the same time online at:!/events/fatlanders-fattire-brigade-membership-2018

FatLanders FatTire Brigade 2018 Membership: $10

In addition to a club membership we encourage our members to also join the provincial association which provides general insurance for our club rides and activities.  If you are planning to do some mtn bike or cyclocross racing then you might want to upgrade from the general membership to a Sask Cup Race License and if you plan to do a national event then you will want to upgrade further to a UCI license

SCA General Membership: $35

SCA Sask Cup Race License: $65  (Insurance for race local races in Saskatchewan)

SCA/UCI National/International Race License: $90 -100 (Insurance to race out of province events (Ex.  National Cyclocross championships in Winnipeg)

More information the various SCA membership levels is available at:

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