Top 10 Winter FatBike Rides in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is proving to be amazing to live if you are a die hard FatBiker. FatBiking has opened up not only a whole new season of riding but a whole bunch of new routes also now become accessible on the two large wheeled machines.  As always when riding please make sure you are well acquainted with and adhere to the best practices for FatBiking set forward by the IMBA

Going to start this list off with a couple favorites and we can add submissions as people provide their favorite winter rides.

Green Lake Loop – Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Grey Owls Cabin Trail

Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Center

coming soon 🙂

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

coming soon 🙂

Elkridge/Anglin Lake 

coming soon 🙂

Global FatBike Day Course Saskatoon

Global FatBike Day Saskatoon