Blue Mountain Ski and Fatbike Day – Dec 21 2014

Blue Mountain Ski and Fatbike Day – Dec 21

Five of us ventured out through the light ice fog for a 1.5hr journey to the rolling hills of Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Center.  We were greeted by Jason and pack of friendly doggles and after a quick pit stop at the chalet to change and get suited for riding we were off down some perfectly groomed ski trails making our way to the long climb up to the lookout tower.

Blue Mtn 2 - 2014

Jason was unable to get equipment through the entire back trail so we did an out and back up to the Tower and then back to Chalet and continued along the gorgeous road into the center.  The scenery was spectacular as the hoar frost was as thick as it could possibly be and it was like riding through a winter wonderland postcard.  Christian took this amazing photo of us on the road into the center which has well over a 100 likes on the Fat Tire Facebook page – even some folks wanting to make a poster out of it!  Before heading back we gathered in the Fireside room in the chalet and recovered on a feast of Liz’s homemade cookies- nom nom nom….




It was a little dissappointing that we were unable to ride the entire back loop but was a damn fine ride just the same.  We will plan to do this again


This area will not be technical riding but it is very hilly so it will be plenty challenging physically.  We will be riding mostly on a back trail that the owner will groom with a snow machine – snow conditions are unpredictable so we won’t really know what we will encounter until we get out there.  We will try to get a sense from the owner how well it has set up before we head out.


When:  meet at day lodge for 12pm.  Allow at least 1.5hrs from the city edge.  Gravel short cut by taking grid 687 from 16 to 387.

What:  Ski and or Fatbike

Cost:  $10ea

More about Blue Mountain:

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